Baptism / Christening

We are always pleased to receive an enquiry from a family about getting their child Baptised / Christened.  Baptism is the sacrament in which we use water as an outward sign of cleansing, forgiveness and a new birth into God’s family, the Church. In this Baptism by the power of the Holy Spirit we are Christened which means to be made Christ’s.

Who can be Baptised / Christened?

Anyone who lives in our parish of Westcliff Saint Alban and Southend Saint Mark is entitled by law to have their children baptised/christened at our church even if you have not previously had a connection with the church.  We just need to have a conversation about the meaning and responsibilities that are involved in this step and help you choose suitable godparents.  

When can a Baptism / Christening take place?

We normally offer to baptise in our Sunday Mass or on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (outside of Advent and Lent).   There is no charge for baptisms but donations are gratefully received.

How to arrange a Baptism / Christening.

Do use the Contact page if you’d like to talk about this or you can have a conversation with a priest one day after Mass or come along to our weekly toddler group Alban’s Allsorts which meets on Tuesdays in term-time from 10am until 12 noon for a chat.

Adults wanting to be Baptised and Confirmed.

It is a bit different if you are an adult who wants to be Baptised but we are also very pleased to hear from adults who want to explore the Christian faith.   Normally this will lead to Baptism and Confirmation at the same time for an adult.   Each year we run an Enquirer’s Course which can then lead to Baptism and Confirmation classes.  But do get in touch if you would like to explore this with us.